OKC SANKUL - Shaping up the Career


Managing Trustee's Message

My Dear Parents & Students,

I would like to Thank each one of you for visiting our OKC Sankul and showing interest in being part of our OKC Sankul family.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce you in detail about our OKC Sankul.

The first School of our Sankul named 'Kisan Madhyamic Vidyalaya' was established in 1971 by our beloved Late Mr. Kanchanlal M Patel with a handful of students and with a clear objective to provide Best-in-Class education at an affordable cost. Since then, I am humbly proud to mention that OKC Sankul has expanded into 4 schools now with over 2000 students. We, at OKC Sankul, have been functional to ensure that our schooling continues to achieve excellence, and surpasses various milestones for differentiating its presence amongst the others.

At this point, we take a moment to remember and convey our sincere GRATITUDE and THANKS to all parents & students who have been our family at OKC Sankul, and trusted us in all our endeavors. You all have played an important role in helping us build a rock solid and differentiated Image in the field of Education. We are extremely proud to have helped shape up the careers of more than 25,000 students over past 47 years, and we continue to be passionate about our profession.

I also take this opportunity to briefly summarize the facilities that we have made available under OKC Sankul:

  • Establishment of ATAL TINKERING LAB in 2017, with > 120 students already getting the ROBOTICS training from the Best Teachers from Maharashtra.
  • Introduction of ABACUS Coaching for a complete Brain Development in our Primary Section of the school. Our teachers are trained from best ABACUS training Institute based at Vadodara.
  • Commencement of EUROKIDS (Pre – School) within the school campus – it is an international pre-school chain with more than 800 campuses all across ASIA.
  • State-of-Art Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories for our students
  • More than 100 CCTV cameras for Security, Safety & Vigilance of our students
  • Teachers-to-student ratio of 1 : 25 for the Primary Section
  • Separate Building for Primary Section Students
  • Digital Notice Board for all day-to-day Academic & Management updates
  • Constant Innovation in teaching techniques e.g. Introduction of Smart Class
  • Regular updates of students through SMS on Parents' Mobile Phones & Personal visit of teachers apart from frequent Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM)
  • Launching of the Mobile APP for daily monitoring of class work, Homework, Results, etc.
  • Regular arrangements for Career Guidance and Motivational Lectures from renowned faculties across INDIA
  • Free Play area with Newly Installed Play equipments
  • Pure Drinking Water with Latest RO System
  • Introduction of 'Kanchanlal M Patel Scholarship Program' for Aspiring Students

With this, we are committed to a 360 Degree Development of our child, whom you have entrusted to us. We congratulate you for making a right choice by choosing OKC Sankul for Shaping Up the Career of your Child.

Welcome to our OKC Sankul Family! Together we excel!

Sincerely Yours,

Maullik Patel
(M. Pharm.; MBA)