OKC SANKUL - Shaping up the Career


English Medium School

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

It is a matter of great privilege for us to be part of this important service to humanity, in the form of education. Through this tool of education, we endeavor to provide academic and physical training, along with social, physical and cultural nurturing to our students, thereby directing them towards a holistic growth and personality development.

  • An open and fearless environment that encourages active learning, positive interaction and self-motivation is the cornerstone of schooling here, making each student feel happy, safe and fostered.
  • The school has always focused on continuing academic excellence, with equal emphasize for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, thus encouraging students to broaden their horizons. For this reason, we have conducted science quiz and science exhibitions to involve the students in understanding their surroundings and activating their interest towards innovation.
  • School generously provides opportunities to students to participate and exhibit their talent in various co-curricular activities. Students are also exposed to national competitive exams and talent search scholarships to sharpen their skills.
  • This is very well reflected in our 10th board examinations every year wherein 98% of our students pass with flying colours. This year, we are extremely happy to share a 100% pass result for 10th board students.
  • Karate training from experienced teachers is also imparted to students. Computer education is included in the school’s syllabus thus enabling students to keep pace with changing times through internet experience. Many multidisciplinary competitions such as singing, dance, acting, plays, quizzes, debates and sports is conducted by school to promote a healthy competition amongst its students.
  • The school is well-resourced with large airy classrooms, technically equipped physics, chemistry, biology and computer laboratories; drinking RO water plant, and spacious playground facilities for enhancing the learning skills of its students.
  • The school leadership is attentive and enthusiastic about expanding the infrastructure provided to the students. This is reflected in the ongoing face-lift of the school which includes laboratory renovations, new furniture and fixtures, changes in the school entry gates, ground and library upgradation.
  • From its humble inception to its full-fledged state till date, the school has been exceling its standards for education and discipline, irrespective of the relatively low fees burden to parents. This also gives an equal opportunity for less-privileged students and families to obtain education at par with other costly English medium schools, that they cannot approach.
  • We are thankful to the people of lunawada who have continuously noticed our achievements and applauded our efforts. Our competent and compassionate team constantly strives to raise our performance standards at school, so as to make our society more knowledgeable, and intellectually and emotionally enlightened.
  • Our special thanks to Mr. Maulikbhai Patel for his continuous interest, support and cooperation in bringing out the best from each one of us and the school at large. He is a devoted follower of Shreemad Bhagvat Gita, and we truly admire his punctuality, sincerity, commitment and dynamic leadership qualities. In addition to his excellent and efficient administrator skills, he is a thoughtful and amazing person to work with.
  • Above all, we thank God for all his blessings over the past ten years and giving us strength to continue with our efforts to serve our society at Lunawada in the form of this school and the tool of education.